The rules of Sandlot Golf are simple…

  1. The first and most important rule is that all of the rules are changeable and adaptable by mutual consent of the other players. Examples of common agreed upon rule changes include but are not limited to:
    1. The number of clubs that may be carried.
    2. Out-of-bounds
    3. The size of the teebox and holes.
    4. Whether or not a tee may be used after the first shot.
  2. Only one club may be used in a single game of Sandlot Golf. (our rationale) This club must either be:
    1. More than 20 years old, AND/OR
    2. Purchased from a pawn shop, garage sale, ebay, craigslist, etc. for less than $20, not including shipping costs.
  3. It is strongly encouraged that players use cheap/used golf balls to play, such as used golf balls that can be purchased from sporting good stores, golf balls found outside of golf courses, etc. And it is especially encouraged that players consider using brightly colored balls and/or paint white paint balls a bright color, to avoid losing golf balls.
  4. The “hole” shall be an agreed upon marker, such as a stake, rock, etc. Any ball that comes within one club length of the hole shall be considered to be made. (our rationale)
  5. A player may move a ball up to one club length from the place his or her ball lands without penalty. If a player moves a ball more than one club length but less than two club lengths, he or she shall have a one stroke penalty. If a player move a ball more than two club lengths, the player shall incur the maximum number of strokes per that hole.
  6. Each hole shall have an agreed upon maximum score, which shall be either 3 over par (if a par has been agreed upon) or 10 strokes. (this rule is modeled after the proposed 2019 PGA rule)
  7. For round-trip style Sandlot golf (where players tee off at the hole of hole #2 shooting to hole #1, then tee off in the reverse direction for hole #2), players may tee off anywhere within two club lengths of the hole they are teeing off from.
  8. With the exception of these rules or those rules changed by mutual consent of the players (see rule #1), the basic rules of golf are used.
  9. Obviously the basic rules of etiquette are to be followed and players are reminded that individual players are responsible for any damage done by balls hit outside the area of play.
  10. Have fun! This is a game after all.