Why only one cheap club?

My rationale for recommending the use of only ONE golf club for a game of Sandlot Golf (SLG) is:

1. The cost of equipment is a major barrier for many to playing golf. It is much easier to find and afford one golf club than 14.
2. If playing “informal” golf in unauthorized locations, it is a lot easier to safely exit with one golf club than a whole bag of golf clubs. 😉
3. Playing with only golf club forces players to think creatively. Even some professional golfers enjoy the challenge of using only one club.

As for the cheap part, there are two reasons for this…

1. It is a great way to stick it to Donald Trump. He thinks only rich people should be allowed to play golf, so playing with a $5 pawnshop golf club is a great way to say otherwise.
2. Playing in informal/sandlot courses is hard on golf clubs. Save your nice clubs for “real” golf courses and use your older clubs for playing SLG.

Of course, like all rules of SLG, the rules are changeable by the mutual consent of the players, so if a group of players wants to use three clubs (i.e. a 5 iron, a wedge and a putter) or even a full set of clubs, that is their decision.