Why use larger targets instead of golf holes?

Sandlot Golf (SLG) recommends using a large target area to count as a “hole” such as getting the ball within one club length of a stake or other marker, but like all rules of this game, this can be changed by the mutual consent of the players.

The rationale for this redefinition of “hole” is as follows:

1. It makes the game easier for beginners. (and contrary to Donald Trump’s thinking, this is a good thing).

2. Putting is hard without a putter, but when playing with only club (the traditional way of playing SLG), one doesn’t want to use a putter for anything else but putting.

3. Eliminating putting speeds up the speed of play.

4. On difficult terrain (which is normally the place where SLG is played), putting is nearly impossible. Chipping to the “hole” is a much easier strategy.