Sandlot Golf Courses

The concept of a Sandlot Golf “course” is an fuzzy concept, but basically is any place where one or more people can safely play a modified/informal version of golf using older/cheap equipment.

On this page I will provide links to information about self-proclaimed Sandlot Golf Courses, but understand that due to the informal nature of the game, these “courses” may or may not be legal or safe to use. This website makes no claims to the safety or legality of any particular course, only that someone has contacted us and has said that a good game might be played there.

  • Sonador Sandlot Golf Course – located in a cleared out pasture that will soon be a subdivision, located just to the South of the Montague and Sonador Neighborhoods of far Northwest Oklahoma City/Deer Creek. Until this subdivision is built, this will be a great place to play.
  • Montague Sandlot Golf CourseĀ 
  • South Lobo Sandlot Golf Course – A desert course that can be played as 3, 6 or 9 holes, located about 25 minutes south of Van Horn, Texas.